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Our Programs

Our Programs

When you have the need for a company to provide on-site cafeteria service and management, choose Variety. We serve some of the largest corporations from around the world including several Fortune 500 companies, as well as many locally based businesses. We have the flexibility and programs to serve any size company with a cafeteria need.

An important consideration for any company is how a cafeteria service is operated. At Variety, only trained chefs manage cafeteria operations. They are not cooks or dining room managers, but chefs trained at the finest culinary schools, trained in the art of preparing food – it’s their career.

Our goal is to make dining at your facility a pleasant experience. It starts with programs tailored to your tastes, needs, and hours. We go the extra step to include unique food station concepts such as Here’s to Your Health (a nutritionally balanced daily menu offering), Garden Basket (a wonderful salad bar station with a multitude of toppings), World Fares (authentic ethnic dishes from around the world), and other creative food ideas. Our cafeteria chefs want to make your cafeteria look, feel, and taste like a restaurant and make your dining experience something you look forward to each day.

It’s important to know that all of our food is prepared on site from scratch whenever possible to give you a fresh, flavorful dining experience. In addition, you’ll see our chefs and managers actively working the entire cafeteria from the kitchen to the dining room. Their goal is to be visible, available, and encourage customer feedback to constantly improve our service to you. Also, don’t be surprised when our chefs plan a special event like demonstration cooking to keep your employees interested. Again, we want you to enjoy our service.

To state it simply, our cafeteria service includes everything from helping you design your cafeteria to full-service management. Keeping in mind that a cafeteria should be fun, delicious, nutritious, and of high quality. From simple snacks to complete meals, we’ve got you covered.