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Smart Café

Smart Café 

Where else can you provide a daily food program without the expense of building and maintaining a sufficient, regulated kitchen structure? The answer is our proven and affordable Smart Café model.

With our experience in vending, office coffee and catering services, we can create an all-inclusive dining program that financially factors in traditional profit centers along with points of service that can not achieve consistent profitability on their own, resulting in a complete dining program that is solvent when all services are integrated. 

The benefits and convenience of adopting a Smart Café concept are extensive, including providing:

  • Fresh daily menu selections, both hot and cold, which are prepared each day in our commissary kitchen in Warren under the supervision of our Executive Chef
  • Menu items that are promptly delivered in a sealed transport container to your facility by our service team who then serve your associates at the serving times you require
  • As highlighted above, a comprehensive, wide-ranging employee dining program, without the necessity of a significant company investment. Variety can supply steam tables, service counters, holding equipment, salad bar and refrigeration if necessary.
  • Along with company input, Variety will create and prepare sufficient menu quantities each day based on historical usage data
  • Menu content and pricing is determined by your company