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Quick Stop Marketplace

A viable alternative to traditional vending, the Quick Stop Marketplace is an exciting new retail model that is rapidly emerging in the food and refreshment industry.  New state-of-the-art software enables customers to “self checkout” their bar-coded items at our Quick Stop kiosk. Patrons have the option of  purchasing with either cash, credit, or by setting up an account and loading money onto a pre-paid debit card or gift card. Quick Stop also has the capability to incorporate a payroll deduct program for your company associates. Other significant advantages include:

  • Expanded product lines including healthy snacks, freshly made entrees, salads and fruit
  • Promotion ability for company brand and merchandise
  • Increased on-site meal participation
  • Ease of access to nutrition information
  • Retail design offers greater product flexibility
  • One-stop checkout

How it works

  • Snack, beverages and other products are displayed in the space
  • Customers shop the ready-to-go-selections
  • Customers scan items on the display kiosk and select payment type
  • Customers swipe their cards or insert cash and the transaction is complete.

Quick, healthy, and productive! – Our exclusive Quick Stop Market is a self-checkout, customizable market solution that can replace or enhance any food service program. As long as the  location has electricity, internet access, one entrance/exit, and a minimum of 300 sq. feet, a Quick Stop solution can be installed. Each location is equipped with multiple camera analog DVR security systems that includes a customer facing monitor. Contact us to learn more!

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