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Vended Services

Vended Services Division Profile

Since our beginning, Variety has made a commitment to provide quality, name-brand products in our vending machines. With a computer controlled warehouse inventory of thousands of different products and newweb ones being added daily, we are sure to have the items you desire. We pride ourselves  on providing all of our customers with the latest technology in vending, which includes credit card readers, wellness cards, and mobile apps for faster, more convenient ordering options.  Interested in more of the latest vending technology?  Check out our touch screen vending technology.

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All of our food products are clearly labeled for ingredients, weight, calories, nutritional information, freshness dating, and even heating instructions so you can enjoy the food at its best. Interested in starting your own wellness program? Have one already established but just need more options for your employees? Our Advantage Vending Machines offer the most nutritional snacks without trans-fat,   no high fructose corn syrup or artificial anything! We offer several  comprehensive nutritional programs suitable for 50 to 500 employees. Click the link below to learn more.

Empower Your Employees with the Variety Advantage

Regardless of the occasion, you can always count on our exceptional customer service team. Should there be technical issues with your vending machines, our NAMA certified emergency servicemen are dispatched to your account with an average repair time of within three hours of notification. Each technician is equipped with the proper information and parts, which allows him to perform faster repairs. We also keep on-going data on every machine which allows us to benchmark performance and analyze future equipment needs. Should you experience a technical difficulty our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 365  days a year.

All glass-front snack machines are Sure Vend equipped, which means items will drop every time guaranteed.  Bill validators are built into each machine, which allows for larger denomination acceptance for your convenience. All machines are Energy Star rated and utilize LED lighting. We also offer VendingMiser technology to reduce energy costs through motion sensors, which keeps the machines running at the appropriate temperature but turns off the front lighting when users are not around.

We can also install Formica panels on all vending machine fronts. Formica panels are durable and more resistant to soil than traditional vinyl materials. The material is easier to clean and offers flexibility of custom color schemes to coordinate with your facility. Your assigned customer service representative can provide you with additional details about this service. We offer custom designed fronts on our machines to complement any building or office decor. We run regular promotions, new items and specials at reduced pricing to keep vending interesting. We also make it easy to get refunds and we provide online surveys through our corporate website for feedback. If you have a question or need assistance, please give us a call at 586-756-8100.